February’s Supper Club is a 100% all Vegetarian and totally Vegan menu! We worked with the female monks of Bien An Tu Temple to develop a taste bud tantalizing and guilt free meal! Join us upstairs, as owner Jen walks you through 7 courses of what Buddhists have been eating for centuries.

Monday February 17**
7 course Prix fixe Menu
• Banh Bot Loc Chay (Steamed Transparent Dumpling)
• Goi Ngo Sen Chay (Salad of Lotus Stem, White Tremella Mushrooms, Carrots, Cucumber, and seasoned Bean Curd with a mix of Viet Herbs)
• Banh Tet Chay (Vegetarian Mung Bean Sticky Rice Cake served with sweet and salty radish)
• Canh Chua Chay (Sweet & Sour Tamarind Soup with Pineapples, Tomatoes, Okra, and Ngo Om)
• Ca Ri Chay (Sweet Potato, Carrot, and Tofu  in Coconut Curry Sauce)
• Do Hu Mang Kho (Tofu and Bamboo Shoots in braised caramel sauce)
• Che Ba Mau (3 colored Jelly Dessert)

Credit card information is required at time of reservation. Because seating is limited there is a NO CANCELLATION POLICY (please ask for details).
**Two seatings, Feb 17th & 24th)

To make reservations:
Email: Management@sprigandsproutdc.com
Call: 202-333-2569 and ask for Jen